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2014,9.23-11.13 ロンドン ishihara, oobori, yabuki
2014, 9.5-11.4アルバータkasiwabara, takahasi, hamano
2013. 4.22-26カナダ教員来る
Cheryl Cox
Emily Vuong
Florence Henderson

2012, 4.11-15 Univ. Albertaから教員来るProf. Cheryl Cox 
Experiential Education Coordinator

Dr. Gerhard K.E. Scribe CV
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Friedrich Schiller University Jena
The four-year academic program for Pharmacy concludes with the 2nd state examination and medical licensing, however postgraduate studies are also possible.
skype 面接(6/5)
Tell me something about yourself. except studying
What do you enjoy?
What is your motivation for spplying this program?
What is your gaol of the program? What do you want to achieve?
What do you expect for the program?
What is the important skills pharmacist should have?
What pharmacist need to have other than communication skills?
Something new about the medicine in Tokyo?
What characteristics should pharmacy students have?
What is the difference between pharmacy students and geology, arts, dancing students?
What is your academic achievement in your university?
How many years have you studied phamacy?
Why are you interested in the pharmaceutical studies?
Can you describe for me what you have done academically in your university?

ロンドン 9/23-11/1




カナダ 9/3-10/31

Aki Arima 

Mana Sugawara

Saori Nagaoka.

Shota Oguma.

Tatsuya Kayama

Tokuyuki Yoshida

Yukari Kato


1. What do you do for enjoyment?
What do you do in holidays?
What things do you like to do in UK?
Why have you chosen the clinical  replacement in UK?
What is the public health priority in Japan?
Why is it? What kind of life style contributes to the cancer increase?
2. Can you tell me about your early education?
What did you like to study when small children?
Can you describe to me how you spend your holidays?
What country have you visited?
Have you traveled around in the world?
3. What is the role of  the clinical pharmacists inJapan?
What roles do hospital pharmacists play in Japan?
What is your favorate topics in pharmacy educatuin?
What itopics do you enjoy in your school education?
What topics do you find difficult in your study?
What topic is the most difficult to study for you?

イギリス2名:水頭 望 、白戸 希実

カナダ11名:佐藤 奈央子、中野 美和 、松本 詩穂、諸 奈々子、石川 千尋、井上 千菜美、江原 浩子、遠藤 寛奈、名古 早織 、野口 美乃、深井 遥香

2011研修:イギリス:9/26-11/4 (6 wks)渡辺沙織, 松本響平

カナダ:9/10-10/24 唐澤 聡子、田中 理子、林 藍香、田辺 久子

イギリスに研修にいく学生はPharmacy case studiesed. by Soraya Dhillon, RebeKah Raymond London: Pharmaceutical Pressを学ぶこと:英国国民医薬品集(British National Formulary, BNF)


1.University of Hertfordshire (UK)

2. University of Alberta (Canada)

English for academic purposes (EAP)

9.0 940 675 295 120 CPE 1級  
8.5 930 660 280 117 CPE 1級  
8.0 920 640 273 112 CPE 1級  
7.5 900 620 260 105 CAE 準1級  
7.0 850 587 240 95 CAE 準1級  
6.5 800 570 229 89 CAE 準1級 大学院
6.0 750 550 213 80 FCE 準1級 大学
5.5 700 525 197 71 FCE 準1級 TAFE
5.0 650 500 173 61 FCE 2級 EAP
4.5 500 480 140 50 FCE 2級  
4.0 450 460 132 40 PET 2級  
3.5 380 400 * 30 PET 2級  
3.0 320 380 * 20 KET 準2級  
2.5 290 350 * 10 KET 準2級  
2.0 200 300 * * KET 準2級  
1.5 * * * * KET 準2級  
1.0 * * * * * *