This is a service for obtaining copies of journal articles that are not held in MPU’s Library, from an external library.
Charge is required. This service is limited for a faculty member and a graduate student who belongs to Meiji Pharmaceutical University.

Before request How to request Notes on request About the Document Photocopy Support for 5th year pharmacy students during the special practice course Receiving Document The client organization and its fee PPV(Pay Per View) Requests from a person who will retire or transfer

Before request

You cannot cancel requesting for another organization.
Please make sure MPU’s Library has not the document, and make a request with enough margin.

The material is protected by copyright. Please pay attention to the copyright law and apply.
・Limited to articles published in journals that have passed a period of time after issuance (the next issue or three months after issuance).
・All pages of the book cannot be copied. Only necessary parts are possible. (At most half of book)
・Only one copy per person can be copied. Re-copying and distribution are prohibited regardless of the fee.
・Copying is possible only for investigation or research purposes.

●Documents that can be under request
・Books and journals not held in MPU’s Library
・Electronic journals not contracted by MPU’s Library
Material to be copied Conditions
Books At most half of text
Journals ・ Annuals Paper of those except a latest issue or a new issue which does not past 3months after issuance

●Documnts that can not be under request
・Books and journals which MPU’s Library hold and free published papers and so on.
The literature of latest issue, the literature within 3 months after publication.
・Some documents cannot be copied due to copyright or managing reasons. (Availability is determined after request)

●Period until request is possible
You will have to wait up to several months for the following documents: Please note.
(The amount that could not be requested at the end of March every year will be returned to the applicant as a cancellation.)
Media Conditions
Latest issue (booklet) Either “After next latest issue publication”, or “After 3 months past since issuance”
Request for the latest issue is not possible.
Epub※1 / Epub ahead of print※2
(Electric Journal media)
Difficult to get
※It may be available according to the rules of the holding Library.
※If it is not available, please wait to be a booklet.
※If you are in a hurry, please use PPV.
※In the case of Epub, it may not be publishted a booklet.
※1 Epub
Literature published online only. There are no volumes, issues, or pages, and the number of pages is often unknown. It may be published in a booklet at a later date.
※2 Epub ahead of print
This document has been published online prior to publication. It has no concept of volume, issues and page though the concept will be added later. Some documents will be published in a booklet at a later date, some other documents may not be published in a booklet for several years.
※Even if it is ‘~ Present’ in the journal list, you may not be able to view [Epub] [Epub ahead of print].

Other reference
Article in Press
"Paper before publication" = Papers that have been peer-reviewed but have not been published in print. It can not be obtained until the PDF or the booklet has been published.
Uncorrected Proof
Literature "before Author Proofreading". It can not be obtained until the PDF or the booklet has been published after author proofreading. 
Corrected Proof
Literature “After author proofreading”. It can not be obtained until the PDF or the booklet has been published.

How to request

Please login from Document Photocopy request.
※This service is limited to faculty member or graduate student (who have an ID card) who belongs to Meiji Pharmaceutical University.
※Entering ID and password is required for use. (Please use the same ID and password as MY-PORT)

Notes on request

・Before entering the application form, make sure that MPU’s library does not have a collection by searching the journal list or searching the library collection (OPAC). (Be sure to go through the library website and use an IP address authenticated terminal.)
   ▸ Journal search    ▸ Book search

・A paper needs an application.
・Be sure to enter (indispensable items). Be sure to enter the information you know as detail and accurate as possible. If you are not sure, enter “Unknown” or “* (asterisk)”. If there is an error in your information, it will take a long time to investigate, and the arrival of the document may be delayed or unavailable.
・Due to single person’s operation, a lot of your request will take long time.
・Please select color copy or monochrome copy.
Select color copy … in case you want a color page of illustrations.
Select monochrome copy … in case you neglect color page.

※We can not judge whether there is a color page at your request.
※Be sure color option might be neglected on express delivery.
※If only the color part is re-requested after the document arrives, the document copy fee and mail fee will be charged again.
※Against the organization which has no color option, your request obeys the rule of the organization.

About the Document Photocopy Support for 5th year pharmacy students during the special practice course

The instructor should apply as usual in the case of special-training-course, his semminar and excercise (7 courses). For applying, following informations are required in “memo column” in the application form; name of the course special training and exercise, name of the student who needs the document. Please check the following for details.
About the Document Photocopy Support for 5th year pharmacy students during the special practice course   ▸Entry example

Receiving Document

When the document arrive, the library will notify you by e-mail to the e-mail address (▲▲▲▲ issued by the Center for Information Education and Research. You receive the document at the library counter. Please confirm the detailed receive method below.
 ▸ How to receive document

The client organization and its fee

The fee varies depending on the client. In consideration of various conditions such as fee and time required, the library staff will be determined in the following order. There is no need to check the holding organization. If there are conditions (prices, required time, etc.) that you want to prioritize, please fill in “memo column” when filling out the application form.

1. University libraries in Japan
The fee varies depending on the client.
Monochrome: about 30-100 yen / sheet and mail fee
Color: Approximately 60-200 yen / sheet and mail fee
There may be an additional service fee.

2. National Diet Library
Charges vary depending on paper size and the kind of materials (copying fee list). In addition to the copying fee, mail fee, packing fee of 150 yen and consumption tax will be charged.
※Although there are some exceptions, Electronic journal copies are limited to “Applications from individuals residing in Japan” and “Replications intended for use in investigate and research”. It is necessary for the applicant to register, request, and pay the fee directly.

3. Domestic institutions
You may be able to order from specialized libraries, public libraries, research institutions, or academic societies. The payment method varies depending on the client.

4. The British Library
You can request if there are no holdings in the country and there are holdings in The British library. Only monochrome copy is accepted. You cannot make a copy request in color.
※When making a request to an overseas holding Library, we will inform you of the copying fee by e-mail in advance. Please reply whether or not to make a request.
Fee: 2,205 yen per case
Required time : 2 weeks to 1 month
 ▸Price list (Books Kinokuniya)

5. Others
Other institutions cannot be requested through the library.
However, there are many institutions that accept copying requests from individuals without going through the library. Please do not give up if it is absolutely necessary material. If you have any questions such as identification of materials or confirmation of possession, please feel free to contact the library staff.

● Checkout method
You will be required to submit a procurement slip quarterly, 4times a year.
July ...For April to June request
October ...For July to September request
January ...For October to December request
March ...For January to February request
(You cannot request for copying in March due to financial processing. Please purchase with PPV.)

PPV(Pay Per View)

You can purchase the document below though PPV(individual purchase of papers), the latest issue that is not allowed to be copied, the volume issue provided in the electronic journal, and the paper whose number of pages is undecided. (the paper indicated as Epub ahead of print, Published Online, Early View, Advance Online Publication, etc.)
Please check below for detailed usage.
 ▸What is PPV (Pay Per View)?

Requests from a person who will retire or transfer

For a person who will retire or transfer, the application for copying will be from April to December (from the first quarter to the third quarter) due to financial processing. If you wish to request a copy from January to March (4th quarter), please use PPV.
Please take over the payment method to the successor.