Phtocopy by ILL(Inter-Library Loan) service

[How to Request]
Documents that are not held in MPU’s Library can be copied or borrowed from an external library. (Charge is required.)
This request is limited for a faculty member and a graduate student.
Fees will be charged to the classroom which the applicant belongs to, you should get approval of the classroom manager in advance.
Use the copy request screen for applying. 
(Be sure network account and password are required for login.)

[Notice of arriving a document]
An e-mail notifies of arriving the copy.
Please sign for receiving at the library counter.

[About the Document copy Support for 5th year pharmacy students during the special practice course]
The instructor will apply as usual in the case of special-training-course, his semminar and excercise (7 courses).
However, at the time of application, be sure to include the course or exercise name and the name of student who requires this document. (Entry example)
Click here for details.

* Research Student, Temporary Staff (ORC Research Assistant etc.)
The above people should obtain a university network account in advance. (Please apply to the Center for Information Education and Research.)
If you have permission from the Center for Information Education and Research, please inform of your e-mail address to the library.
Mail to the ILL (Inter-Library Loan) staff) Clarify the Student name, his classroom and his ID number


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