About rental of iPad

【Qualified User】 undergraduate students, graduate students, staff of Meiji Pharmaceutical University
【How to lend】 ・ Please come to the counter with your MPU's staff or student ID card.
・ You can only use it in the hall within the day, and can not make a reservation.
【Service Time】 ・ From opening until 30 minutes before closing
※ If the holiday is a class day, it will be treated as a weekday.
※ It may not be available for regular maintenance.
【Number of iPad】 1 unit
The loan status can also be searched through OPAC.
Search for "Loan for iPad" as a keyword.


【Installed application】MPU’s original contents: Dioscorides, herb garden photograph (iBooks)
             All applications are shown below.
App. for browsing online content of books QR code reader
handwriting script possible 2D,3D Graph depiction
National treasure Proverb Dictionary
Statute Books White board and Calculator
Dioscorides ・ herb garden photograph Map
Useful for creating mind maps and visualizing and organizing ideas Pharmacist national examination maneuver
Educational app that can receive lessons of the world Route map
Presentation creator
(IPad version of PowerPoint)
Dictionary of proverb and quotes
Easy Reference viewer Economic News
to assemble electronic virtual circuits    
to join to the campus network e-book remote Registration page


【Attentions】 Please keep the following attentions.
If you do not break the rules, you may restrict or prohibit the use of iPad and the library.

  • Only applicant can use , so do not lend to others again.
  • We do not take any responsibility for any trouble, loss, damage, etc., while using iPad and its applications.
  • The use history of some applications may remain. Use it with your own risk.
  • Do not use SNS such as Twitter, Facebook though iPad.
  • You may be asked to compensate costs incurred for lost, damaged or soiled the iPad.
  • Report any accident, loss of, theft or damage of iPad to the Library staff immediately.
  • We can not answer any questions about how to operate the application or its contents.
  • Do not place iPad alone. The iPad left on the seat might be collected.
  • We will not rent peripheral devices, including the power supply adapter.Return exhausted iPad.
  • Be sure to log off from the application or web service after use with your own risk.
  • Be sure to kill the network connection when returning iPad.

【Functional restrictions, etc.】
Some functions are restricted for lending. The following features are not available.
:iTunes, iBook store, installation, to delete app, to buy in app, to change contacts, to change calendar, to change reminder, to change account, Game Center (multiplayer, to add friends)

【Connection method】 Home screen → Net connection is possible by logging in to MY-PORT.

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