PPV is one of purchasing methods for un-subscribed journal’s paper, used as well as Transaction.


〇 Budget for one teacher is about $ 1,000- (110,000 yen).

〇 To purchase PPV, use a corporate card (or personal card) with a personal name in the university.

〇 After purchasing PPV, send a document (invoice, etc.) that shows the amount of money to the library(bunken@my-pharm.ac.jp)via an attached e-mail.
* Be sure to fill in the subject line as “[PPV] Purchase of foreign academic journals“ 

Electronic books are not eligible for this system.
  Please contact us for a purchase request.

After checking the e-mail, the library tells the balance ($) after purchase to the user.

The corporate card will be used from April to February of the following year (because processing for March is not possible within the fiscal year).
Please purchase using a personal card in March. Payment is using the same procedure as cash purchases at the library and is done by the Finance Division.  Please be aware that exchange differences may occur at this time. Please leave the fraction of the budget to the office.

For purchasing PPV, please contact the library by e-mail regardless of the budget.
The data will be aggregated and used as a material for reviewing future purchases of foreign academic journals.

For PPV paid by KAKENHI other than university budget, enter "[PPV] (separate budget) Purchase of foreign academic journals" in the subject line and contact the library by e-mail. In this case, please submit a procurement invoice to the Finance Division.

Please refrain from purchasing papers by PPV for journals that the University subscribes. For the journals with subscription contracts, please check “Journal Search” on the library website.

Please pay attention to the above and appreciate PPV.