Meiji Pharmaceutical University Library Guide

Opening Hours Undergraduate students Graduate students・Faculty staff
Monday-Friday 9:00~19:50 9:00~24:00
Saturday 9:00~17:00
Closed Sunday, National holiday, the second Saturday of every month, New Year's holiday,Acertain period during Summer vacation
※Library hours and holidays may change. Details of Library calendar can be obtained from the website.
Searching Books   Searching Journals If you can not find the material you want in MPU’s Library? There are 3 helps. Borrowing   Making a Reservation Returning book  Database・Others Photocopy Procedures for Retirement and Transference
 Searching Books
Searching Books at Bookshelf
Each book can be identified by the code classified by NDC (Nippon Decimal Classification). Books are arranged in the order of its code. The code of thema is shown at right. At first, you should obtain the thema of searching book and go to its shelf.

Searching the book by the system OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog:system to search holding materials).
Searching key of OPAC is key word,book-title or author etc. PC machines for OPAC are available in Library. You can connect to OPAC on the Library Home Page through your mobile phone as well.

■Check the status of book and location of the stacks, when you search for materials. The status column shows the return date.

■Explanation of Call number

Order of Materials
Each Material has the call number, which means classified thema. Book shelf is in ascending order 000~999. Classified code and thema are shown on the side of bookshelf. The order of a bookshelf code and numbers is from left to right, top to bottom. (→ Bookshelf Guide Map

Other Rules
●Reference books are arranged separately from the general bookshelf, and all are prohibited to bring out off Library.
●Guideline materials are placed at the side of the circulation counter.
●Exercise books of National Examination are provided in latest edition and back number.
●Valuable books Room: Valuable books are stacked bookshelf in the circulation counter. You can make an inquiry about them.
 Searching Journals
Search using OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog:system to search holding materials)
Journals can search for by title, ISSN by OPAC.  You can search for each special item by key word.

■When you search for materials, check these points.

Where is ‘ Location ‘? Location branches off to Library, bound Journal or Electronic Book Shelf and so on. You can obtain the map by selecting the location. 
Blank of ’Binding status’ column means its condition ’not bound‘.

Order of Materials
Current year Journals locates in Pigeon Box. Back Number Bound Journals locates on the bookshelf of Bound Journal. Foreign Journals locates on the Electronic bookshelf on alphabetic order. Japanese Journals locates on the Open A bookshelf on Japanese alphabetic order after English title. Periodicals locates on the Open A bookshelf from the beginning of the East end, on the alphabetic order of the title as same as journals. Confirm of the contents of bookshelf.


 If you can not find the material you want in MPU’s Library? There are 3 helps.
Consultation(Reference Service)
Library staff at the circulation counter, can help for you to search materials, to read them, to search them by OPAC, to confirm the services. Any questions will be accepted about library use.

Inter-library loan(limited only faculty member or graduate student can use.)
In the case of search failed in our library, you may get the copy or the book itself sent from other University. (Charge is required.) Occasionally, we will issue a letter of introduction for your direct visit.

Request order
You can request to order the material you want. Request is welcome, if it is suitable for university library materials. (The request might not be realized according to the selection policy.)
Please take it easy to order recommendable books by faculty member e-mail.
※The Library Administration Committee determines the purchase of multiple copies or expensive books.

Number of Loaning book and Loan Period  
  *When you borrow books, your University student ID card(Facility use certificate) is required. 
*When you want to borrow journals, please ask a staff in circulation counter.
*The loan period is depend upon long vacation. We inform of you for further details of news either the bulletin board in library or on the website of MPU’s Library Home Page.

To extend loan period
Extension is allowed only once during the loan period. You can apply extension by showing your student ID card, even if you do not bring the book. In the case of overdue, or other person’s reservation, you can not extend borrowing period of the book. 

Special lending
Long-term lending is allowed during the spring, summer, winter vacation, or your training period and so on. You can get the information on the Library Home Page or bulletin board in the Library.

Overnight lending
Journals lending is counted beside books lending. Loan period is from 16:00 to tomorrow 10:00.
Unbound journals
(except for the latest issue)
2 items
Bound journals
※Only graduate students or faculty staff
3 items

No-takeout materials
●‘No-takeout’ red label on the spine of book means to prohibit lending material. They are reference books (include dictionary), textbook designation books etc.
●The Latest issue of Journal
●Bound journal for undergraduate students. (Only Faculty staff and graduate student can borrow.)

 Making a Reservation
You can make a reservation for a next reader. Do it by OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog: system to search holding materials) in Library. The OPAC can be operated on the Library website, also. When the book is returns、we inform of you and we keep it for 3days in the circulation counter.

My library
`My library` is the individual site for library use. We provide services according to the situation of each user.
You can operate through either PC in University、mobile phone or PC at home. Log in with the same ID and password as those of My-port.

★My Library services★
Confirmation   Request
・announcement from Library
・materials on loan ・the return due date
・materials under request of reservation or cancel
・materials under request of photocopy
  ・to photocopy document
・to purchase materials

 Returning book
【Return materials to the circulation counter】
While the library is close, the book drop post at the left side of the library entrance is available.
When the book has an attachment such as a CD, you should return them directly to the circulation counter within the library time.

When you did not return books within due date, you are forbidden to borrow materials for certain period. Keep your due date to return materials.

When you lose or damage a library material、report it as soon as possible, and do the procedure. As a rule, it will be a compensation with the same material or original price.

In Meiji Pharmaceutical University, a lot of medical, pharmaceutical database including ‘Pub Med’, ‘Ichushi-Web’ are provide, becouse they are essential tools for research and article writing.
Asahi Newspaper database ‘KikuzouⅡvisual‘ available.
E-book are provided on PC and Mobile phone. All e-book can be approached on the Library web Home Page site.
This ‘Searching Journal’ button links to EJ (Electronic Journals). Before the use, please read once ‘About the Usage of Electronic Journals’.
Detail explanation for obtain the paper such as Transaction or PPV and Inter-library loan are in ‘Study・Research Support’.
IPad can be available in the library. Apply for it on the circulation counter. More detail information will be obtained from ‘How to borrow IPad’.
Faculty staff can consult for the VPN connect with the staff of Academic Information Division.
About the Usage for Self-study Room, Audiovisual Room
Self-study Room On the second floor of Library・Welfare building Monday - Friday 9:00 -19:50
Saturday (except the second Saturday) 9:00 - 17:00
Desk and PC can be used freely.
Audiovisual Room Inside of the Library The machines of PC, Video etc. can be used freely inside the room.

At the library, various documents including databases,
EJ (electronic journal) guides are available.
Please feel free to call us.

University libraries are permitted to reproduce for a certain extent under the Copyright Act Article 31 (Reproduction in libraries, etc.). Under the following rule:

  • Do not copy a book in its entirely.
  • Articles published in periodicals such as journals and newspapers, are allowed in its entire copy, if they are not up-to date or after 3 months passed after publishing. 
  • The number of copies should be only one for one person.
  • It should be for the research of user.
  • No re-copy or distribute, regardless of paid or free.

Photocopy is in self-service. (black and white \10/sheet , color: \50/sheet)
In the Library, 3 photocopy machines are available you can pay with coop prepaid photocopy card. (A color photocopy machine and 2monochrome photocopy machines.)
※You can get the prepaid photocopy card at the Co-op store on the second floor. In the Library, we do not sell it.

Procedures for Retirement and Transference
When you leave off current job, return Library materials to the Library or take over them to the succeeding faculty member or laboratory. First, contact library staff whenever you want to dispose of the laboratory books.

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