Science Direct :

This is a system where we purchase a thesis in full texts of non-contracted titles (non-subscription journals) which Elsevier publishes in the electronic journals and e-books on ScienceDirect. Thesis published in journals not contracted by the library can be obtained through this transaction. All of MPU, faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduate students are welcome to use.

For each download of a paper, a fixed fee (3400 yen) will be deducted from the amount paid in advance by the library. There is no personal burden, but if we use up our prepayment, then this year's usage will end. This is a shared budget for the entire university. If you have enough time, please use “ILL (Document Photocopy)”.

★In order for many people to use it fairly, please refrain from using it in large quantities at most about 50 thesis per person for 3 months.
★Check the following before downloading.

Is it really necessary?
―― Let's check the contents as exactly as possible with Abstract etc.

Is it an urgently needed thesis?
―― "Document Photocopy" takes about a week to order, but the price is quite inexpensive. Click here for how to use document copy.
―― If the document you want is part of a book, we may be able to purchase it.
 Please consult the library.

Is there a booklet collection?
―― You may have a booklet in the library. Check by Journal search or OPAC. 

Have you downloaded before?
―― It is uneconomical to download the same paper over and over again. With document management software, let's brush up collection and management skills. Click here for bibliographic management software.

★Please refrain from downloading all chapters of e-book. You will be charged for each chapter.
★Please follow the manners of using electronic materials.
―― If there is an illegal act such as mass download, the service is suspended without notice.
★Please do not violate copyright.
―― Use of downloaded documents is limited to the person only. It cannot be duplicated or distributed.
★The user ID and password are belong to the individual user, under strict management.
★Some titles are not eligible for transaction. Click here to check un-eligible titles.

Please be aware of the above and take advantage of transaction.

(1) User registration is required to use transaction. Registration is accepted at the library counter. After the application form has been written at the counter, the staff explains how to register and use it. (Time required: about 20 minutes) Start Registration
Registration for graduate and undergraduate students must be renewed annually. If you register in the middle of the fiscal year, please follow the procedures for continuation at the new fiscal year.
(2) Come to ScienceDirect!

The PDF button is not displayed at first for non-contracted thesis. In that case, sign in to ScienceDirect with the ID and password obtained by user registration, display the PDF button and click. Click “Continue” when the full text access confirmation screen appears. You will be charged for this operation. When signing in, select "transaction" on the group selection screen.
Transaction users have remote access privileges and can be used from off-campus as well as on-campus.