ILL (Interlibrary Loan) is a service for ordering copies of journal articles that are not in the library from other university libraries.
This service is available to faculty members and graduate students of the university, as well as to those who wish to use the library when applying. For undergraduate students, please consult with the instructor in charge.

〇 An ordered article takes a few days or a week to arrive.

〇 The document can be picked up from the library.

〇 The fee is about 500 yen.
※ Since the library has a library budget, there is no burden on the applicant. In exceptional cases requiring use of the laboratory budget, we will inform you in advance.
※ This service is cheaper than transaction or PPV. If you can wait a few days, use an ILL.

〇 Please make sure that you do not have access to the intended article by using Journal Search or Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), and apply with plenty of time. A request made to another university library cannot be canceled.

〇 Please pay attention to copyright law when applying for an ILL:
1) Access to the article should be for research purposes.
2) Large amounts of copying (more than half of the book) is not allowed.
3) The latest journals (published within the last 3 months) cannot be copied.
4) Only one copy can be provided to an individual (secondary distribution is prohibited, regardless of whether the article is paid for or free.)

In the case of electronic journals, whether a copy can be provided or not is determined based on the contents of the contract with the publisher. If copying is not possible, you may be able to purchase the article using a transaction or PPV.

〇 Graduate students should report to the instructor in charge and obtain permission before applying.

Check that the article is not available in the library by using the Journal Search or Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC).

Log in to My Library.
※ Please log in using the same ID and password you use for My-Port.

Open the copy request screen and enter the required information.
※ Select the copy type as follows. We may not be able to meet your request due to the regulations of the requesting party.
Copy color pages (including color plates) in monochrome → Select monochrome copy
Copy color pages (including color plates) in color → Select color copy
※ If you have any requests or contact information such as express delivery, etc., please provide this information in the "Communication column".

After confirming the contents, press the request button.
※ You will receive an email indicating that your application has been completed, so please check it.


If you use STEP 3 "Application for using external documents" of the Journal Search, the document information will be entered automatically, which is very convenient.

This function can also be used from various databases such as PubMed and Ichushi Web. Click here for details on the Meiyaku Linker.

We will notify you by email when the documents arrive. Please come to the library and to pick up your documents.

Take the target document from the laboratory letter case behind the counter.

Provide your signature in the name field.

Separate the library copy (lower half of the slip)
(the counter staff will do this).

Receive the user copy (upper half of the slip) and the document.

※ Alternate individuals can pick up the documents.
※ If picking up the documents during night-time opening hours, after entering with your ID card, please place the signed library copy slip in the box next to the letter case.

〇 At the end of the fiscal year, an application deadline will be set for the convenience of accounting. In addition, reception services will be suspended during the summer and winter holidays. We will inform you in advance on our website, etc., so please apply with plenty of time.

〇 Undergraduate students cannot make applications independently. The instructor in charge of the laboratory should make the application instead of the undergraduate student. The instructor in charge of the training / practice should make an application for special training / practice of the 5th grade of the pharmacy department instead of the student. In either case, the application is paid from the library budget.

〇 We also accept questions regarding the identification of materials and confirmation of their collection. In addition, even if the article is not in the library of another university, we may be able to guide you to other acquisition methods such as the National Diet Library, academic institutional repositories, various academic societies, and the British Library. Please do not give up – consult the library!